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HABC is Building a New Playground, and We NEED Your Help!

HABC is working with Kaboom, The Baltimore Ravens and Resident Services, Incorporated, a 503c, to help bring 'Play' to kids at Douglass Homes this June 6!

Help us reach our financial goal of $10,000 – Every dollar donated helps get us closer to fulfilling our goal for the kids! Make a tax deductible donation by following the link below.

The playground equipment, install, and materials will cost over $200,000, and we need everyone’s support to make this happen. We're reaching out to supporters, affiliates and any person or organization that has interest in the livelihood of our youth to help us in this great endeavor. We’re grateful for your donations, and support. A huge THANKS to Kaboom, the Baltimore Ravens, and Every Supporter, Donor and Contributor.


Play Matters For All Kids

HABC needs volunteers and financial support to help us build a new playground that will give the kids in the community the opportunities and childhood they deserve.

Many local elementary and middle school aged kids as well as residents in the surrounding area will greatly benefit from this project. Currently, there's no established, safe playzone available to kids in the neighborhood after school hours. All of them would have access to a new playground at Douglass Homes.

While HABC and Resident Services, Inc. are committed to funding the costly playground project that will keep kids safe (and ensuring that it's ADA compliant), the responsibility for funding the playground equipment, construction and every related detail is a massive one.

Please follow us on Twitter and on Facebook or follow the conversation with #/@BmoreHABC to learn about updates and additional information on this and other HABC efforts.

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