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HABC Employees Attend Integrated Pest Management Training

HABC staff attended an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training earlier this month. It was a HUD-sponsored training delivered by Susannah Reese from Cornell University and Jayne Windham from Livable Housing, Inc.

IPM is the approach to pest control promoted by HUD using the least toxic, effective treatments for pests in public housing. IPM also recognizes that everyone needs to play a role in controlling pest problems.

A total of 34 people participated in the training including HABC management and maintenance staff, resident services and resident leaders. We also had participation from staff members of the Baltimore City Health Department's Community Asthma Program. It was a good cross-section of people in attendance. HUD will provide additional IPM training upon request.

In addition to training on IPM principles, participants learned about rats, mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs - what their characteristics are, how they spread, and how they can be safely controlled.

The training will help HABC deal with current issues involving bed bug problems in certain high-rise buildings. It will also be helpful in a new initiative at Perkins Homes to reduce the severity of asthma by reducing the mice and cockroach problems at that development. At Perkins Homes, HABC will be assertively enrolling families in the Community Asthma Program that aids families with housekeeping focused on pest control.

The training will also help HABC plan for the future as we prepare a new Request for Proposals to provide pest contracting services to be issued in May 2018.

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