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2016 Resident Leadership Appreciation Banquet

On December 15, 2016, HABC Executive Director Paul T. Graziano and the Office of Resident Services hosted the 2016 annual Resident Leadership Appreciation Banquet to express gratitude to the public housing resident leaders, including the Resident Councils and Resident Advisory Board representatives, at our community sites for all that they do as volunteers. Mayor Catherine E. Pugh participated in the festivities, offering opening remarks.

This year's 2016 RAB Honorees were: Timathea Wardlaw and Ella M. Sheely Broadway. Please read more on the honorees below.

Timathea Wardlaw, Chairperson, Social Services Committee, RAB of HABC, Inc., was born in Baltimore, MD. She grew up in the Lexington Terrace development and attended Baltimore City public schools, graduating from Frederick Douglass High School. She later attended the University of Baltimore where she majored in Accounting. Ms. Wardlaw was raised to be a public servant by her loving mother and grandmother. She was taught to assist those in need from an early age, and this is a spirit that she maintains to this day.

Ella M. Sheely Broadway, President, Resident Advisory Board of HABC, Inc., was born in Baltimore, MD, the oldest of eight children. She attended Baltimore City Public Schools and also attended courses at the Baltimore City Community College. Ms. Broadway began her volunteer work with the Resident Advisory Board of HABC, Inc., in 1986. She became a RAB Delegate and learned as much as she could to assist the other residents of her public housing community, O’Donnell Heights. She currently serves as its ten-ant council president, in addition to serving as the president of the city-wide Resident Advisory Board of HABC, Inc. To this end, she works diligently to serve the interests of her community, the City of Baltimore, and the many generations of residents who reside there.

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